MT Products Carousel for WooCommerce

v3.0 Released 9/17/23 - Expanded options and new admin UI

Developed  utilizing Slick developed by Ken Wheeler

Lightweight - Only 84.1 KB Unzipped
Completely Customizable

Download Zip File (v3.0 - 28.2 KB)

Previous Versions
Download Zip File - v2.0 
Download Zip File - v1.0



Woo Min/Max Purchase Quantity

Adds ability to set a minimum and/or maximum quantity for purchase. Quick Edit / Bulk Edit / Admin Columns available for easy update & maintenance of large product inventory.

Upcoming Features for v2.1
- Min/Max Quantity on variable products

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WYSIWYG Taxonomies

Replaces default textarea fields for taxonomy descriptions with WYSIWYG editor & allows saving of HTML tags. Works for default WP taxonomies and custom post-type taxonomies.

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WordPress Click 2 Watch

Quick loading YouTube & Vimeo video embeds using custom shortcode. Loads video thumbnail on pageload and loads video on click. ex. [c2w id="####" type="youtube"]
Usage instructions can be found under Settings > WordPress C2W once installed/activated.

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